Mlyny Halls of Residence

How to pay deposit

Bank transfer details

Please transfer your deposit in the amount of 100 € (Euro) to this account:

Payer (Ordering Customer): enter the student's (applicant's) name

We ask all students to use as an remittance information the same name as you have mentioned in the application form.

Please pay to:    Štátna pokladnica
                       Radlinského 32
                       P. O. BOX 13
                       810 05  Bratislava 15

Beneficiary's account number: 7000084699/8180

Beneficiary:        Vysokoškolské mesto Ľ. Štúra – Mlyny UK
                        Staré Grunty 36
                        841 04  Bratislava

IBAN: SK2881800000007000084699


Remittance information/ Information for beneficiary:  .....enter the name of the applicant (do not use names of your  parents or any family member)

Currency: Euro

Other bank fees are paid by ordering customer/Other bank charges are paid by remitter
(failing this it will be deducted from your deposit)

Do not use the name of your parents or family members.