Mlyny Halls of Residence

ERASMUS students


For the academic year 2017/2018 the accommodation for Erasmus students will be located in the block called "Šturák". The layout of the rooms at the dormitory called "Šturák" is divided in cells. Each cell has four rooms (2 x double and 2 x triple rooms), bathroom with shower and toilet. Two 2-bed and two 3-bed rooms form a unit that has its own bathroom. Unit is equipped also with two refrigerators and internet access (it is necessary to have a cable for internet connection which is not included in the payment for accommodation). Kitchen is shared for entire hallway out of unit. A laundrettes are situated in several buildings. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are available at student canteens as well as snacks and beverages. The accommodated students can enjoy their leisure activities located on campus.


Reservation step by step

Students who are going to attend faculties of: Medicine, Law and Natural sciences please follow this link  in order to apply for accommodation. Your accommodation is located at the dormitory Druzba.

Students who are going to attend the Jessenius Medical Faculty in Martin please do not apply here. Please follow this link to get more information about your accommodation in Martin.



For your attention!!! These rules concern only the students who are going to attend a Faculty in Bratislava: Management, Philosophy, Pharmacy, Physical education and sports, Mathematics, Education, Social and economic sciences which is a part of Comenius University. 

Housing Application Form

1. read carefully all information on this website and in the housing application

2.The priority is given to those, who are coming to study to Comenius University through  Erasmus+ and other student mobility programmes


3. We advise you not to wait for the Acceptation letter from the Faculty; fill the Housing application and meet the deadlines for submission:

Winter semester 5.8.2017
Summer semester 11.01.2018

4. do not forget to transfer the deposit to our account by the deadlines mentioned in the housing application form (this is the precondition and a guarantee for the room reservation)


5. Room alocation procedure will take a time. Formal allocations will take place in August and you will be informed about your room allocation via e-mail.

6. upon your arrival you have to sign the Accommodation Contract and pay the whole contracted rent in one payment (rent for 5 months or rent for 10 months depending on your mobility).

7. Do not forget to have your ID card or passport


<output>Dormitory Rules and Regulation 2015/2016</output>

<output>Dormitory Rules and Regulation 2015/2016</output>

Dormitory Rules and Regulation 2016/2017


You are supposed to have with you:

-  ID card or passport

-  the whole rent for accommodation for your contracted period (5 months/10 months)

You are expected to arrive at the SD VM Mlyny from the 31.8.2017 till the 30.9.2017 in the winter semester and from the 31.1.2018 till the 28.2.2018 in the summer semester. In case you do not arrive till the dates mentioned above your deposit will be used to cover the accommodation fees for the booked period and your further reservation of accommodation will be cancelled.


Starting from the academic year 2017/2018  the deposit of 100 € (Euro) has to be paid by bank transfer to our account number
(see Bank transfer details). The deposit serves as a confirmation of the reservation, and a security against any damage or loss to the dormitory property. The deposit will be given back by bank transfer on your account in the case of observance of the rules laid down in the Accommodation Contract and Dormitory Internal Rules.

You are supposed to transfer the deposit to our account upon sending the housing application form till the deadlines: 

·         for the winter semester till 18th of August 2017

·         for the summer semester till 11th of January 2018

Failing this you lose the right for accommodation in SD VM Mlyny and your accommodation application will be not accepted.


In case you cancel your study at Comenius University you are obliged to inform us during 5 following working days. In this case your deposit will be transferred back to your account and contract will be automatically cancelled. All bank and transfer charges will be deducted from your deposit.

If you do not follow these instructions you lose the right for the deposit reimbursement.


Payment of the rent

By accepting and signing the Accommodation Contract the students are obliged to pay the whole amount of the rent for the whole contracted period (5 or 10 months) in one payment in cash to the accommodation department of the SD VM Mlyny.

In case the student terminates the accommodation contract before the date of the contract expiry he/she is liable for the whole contract rent.

In case you have applied for accommodation for 1 semester (5 months) and you decide to prolong your stay in SD VM Mlyny for the summer semester, you are supposed to send a new housing application form but respect and follow instructions you receive during winter semester. In case of prolongation of your stay, you are obliged to pay the whole rent for the summer semester in one payment till 15 December 2017 at the latest. Failing this, your reservation will be cancelled based on signed accommodation contract.


<output>General provisions</output>

<output>General provisions</output>