Mlyny Halls of Residence


Dear students, 

Our halls of residence are unique in their size and capacity, more akin to a small town with all its benefits and drawbacks. With this many tenants co-existence is only possible with a baseline of mutual respect and adherence to a certain set of rules. Seeing how finding solutions to a problem even in a small group of people is often problematic, surely you can imagine how hard it is to set rules for several thousand people.

This section is dedicated to hygiene - we'd like to make sure you're acquainted with our perspective on the issue, along with the related rules and regulations.

It is everyone's duty to mind the hygiene in our facilities - not only in the common areas, but also in the individual rooms. Our aim is to keep everything in a state that's neither contradictory to decent living conditions nor hazardous to tenants' health. To make this everyday reality, however, we need your assistance.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, feel free to email us.

Cleaning Recommendations

  • sweep the room with a broom every two days
  • wet-wipe the floor weekly
  • collect trash into smaller bags (not large sacks) and take it out every two days (also before the weekend or when you're leaving for an extended period). Do not leave trash bags in the hallway.
  • unplug and clean the fridge (along with the freezer) monthly
  • wash and clean the sink weekly

 If you're unsure about which cleaning agents to use, ask us for recommendations.

Most Frequent Deficiencies

  • dirty floor (hairballs, spilled beverages, mud and dirt from shoes)
  • trash that hasn't been taken out in a while (stinking, rotting heaps, excess of empty plastic bottles,...)
  • food leftovers
  • dirty fridge (both outside and inside, containing old groceries)
  • dirty sink (fungus, limescale)
  • dirty toilet ()
  • dirty balconies (old trash, bird droppings,...)


The cleaning discipline in our room is horrible, some of my roommates refuse to participate at all.

It's important to notify the Department of Hygiene before a room inspection takes place. If you fail to do that and the inspection uncovers hygienic deficiencies, all of the room's tenants will be penalized equally. 

I suspect our room has an insect infestation (cockroaches, bedbugs,...)

Notify the Department of Hygiene immediately, we will check the room and undertake necessary steps if the suspicions turn out to be true.

Our room is too cold.

Notify either the Department of Hygiene or Maintenance. Measurements of your room will be taken and if deficiencies are found, additional heaters will be installed. Do not under any circumstances install your own heaters!

Stray animals

Feeding stray animals in the area (especially cats and pidgeons) compounds the problem of their overpopulation. Because of the negative impact on cleanliness we ask that you do not feed any stray animals.

Room inspections

While room inspections aren't exactly popular amongst tenants, they are necessary. Our aim is to keep the rooms in good condition, not to unnecesarily complicate your life. Your adherence to the rules allows us to keep the room check frequency at a necessary minimum. 

Inspections take place once every 6 months, unless deficiencies are found. Their purpose is to evaluate tenants' adherence to hygienic standards, as well as the state the room and its equipment is in. They are always performed by two employees, who will leave a note informing you of the inspection's result.In the case of serious deficiencies, you will also be notified of the date of the next inspection.