Mlyny Halls of Residence

CHange of accommodation

Change of accommodation

The only permitted change of accommodation is when two residents swap places.

Change of accommodation or termination of accommodation in blocks MI A, B, C, D is permitted only to 31/10/2020!

Change of accommodation is permitted provided that the resident can find another resident to swap places with them. Every resident that wishes to change accommodation must sign an addendum to the accommodation contract at the accommodation department and pay the administrative fee of € 3.30.

A resident may only change accommodation once in a day.

It is not permissible for a resident to swap places with the substitute for a student who has gone on a study exchange in the winter semester (both residents must have accommodation for the same period).

When a resident moves to another room, their original room must be inspected by an official inspector. An inspection may only be arranged during working days between 08:00 and 11:00. The inspector will sign the check-out form, which must be presented at the accommodation department.

Check-out form will found HERE.

Any students who unofficially change accommodation will be subject to disciplinary proceedings. The penalty for an arbitrary change of accommodation is defined in Article V(23)(q) of the Dormitory Rules and Regulations.

Students who have been assigned a bed based on the regular procedure are reminded not to arbitrarily change accommodation without the knowledge of the accommodation department. Students are also reminded that trafficking with allocated places has serious consequences under Article V(23)(ah) of the Dormitory Rules and Regulations of LSC - M CU and your faculty will be informed of the disciplinary finding.