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- Each person must have his/her room checked by the checkout stuff before checking out, as well as a confirmed check-out slip, which must be presented to the accommodation department.

- The check-out slip can be collected from the accommodation department, at the gate or printed HERE

- Once the check-out slip has been confirmed by the person checking your room, that person will take the room key from you. The accommodated person is obliged to have the room cleaned, the freezer defrosted and the rubbish taken out in accordance with the room cleaning instructions - INSTRUCTIONS

- In the event that the accommodated person does not have the room ready according to the instructions, he/she will be charged a fee in accordance with the current Price list of fee - PRICE LIST OF FEES.

- If the accommodated person has borrowed bed linen or curtains, he/she will hand them in to the bed linen stock room between 8:00 and 16:00. If the accommodated person does not return a complete set of bed linen, he/she will be charged a fee according to the current Price List of damages - DAMAGE PRICE LIST

- The accommodated person will then go to the accommodation department to complete the administrative process required for check-out. The accommodated person will present his/her ISIC card, ID card and any other borrowed items (bike storage key, Salto card) to the accommodation officer.

- Any discrepancies will be charged from  the security deposit of an accommodated person. If the deposit is insufficient, the accommodated person will be required to pay the debt in cash.

- Accommodated persons who do not check out by June 30,2023 by 16:00 will be charged by the accommodation facility according to the Accommodation Contract and the Price list of fees €10 for each day of non-checking out and will also be fined €100 according to the Dormitory Rules, Article 11 (3) (j).). Any removal and storage of items will be charged in accordance with the current Price list of fees - If the accommodated person is unable to do checkout process by June 30,2023, he/she may authorise another person to carry out the entire checkout process on his/her behalf. Please note that the authorisation must be notarially certified. – SPLNOMOCNENIE

Additional information:

- Do not dispose unwanted electrical appliances (e.g. table lamps, kettles, hairdryers etc.) in regular municipal waste (e.g. compactor containers). As part of the environmental protection philosophy and the obligation of special disposal, these electrical appliances must be brought to the box by the elevators in the basement of the VBB (Štúrak) building.

- Unwanted clothing and shoes can be dropped off in special white HUMANA containers located in the CU Mlyny area.

- Please separate paper, glass, plastics and metals into the bins provided for this purpose. Paper in blue bins, plastics in yellow bins, metals in dark green bins and glass in green bins.

- Storage of items will be available at the UPeCe premises. For more information on how to store your belongings -