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  • Follow the procedure at under WHAT SHOULD I DO IF I AM COVID 19 POSITIVE?
  • As of March 20, 2023, mandatory insulation has been eliminated.
  • Covid isolation units are still available for residents if necessary, and only for serious medical reasons. Isolation is voluntary.
  • The fee for isolation is 5 € / night.
  • If you are interested in isolation or have any other questions, please contact us at


  • RESPIRATOR: Current information on the obligation to wear a protective mask can be found at It is also important to wear the mask/respirator correctly, remember that it must cover the nose as well as the mouth.
  • DISTANCING: Maintain the distance from other people both indoors and outdoors.
  • HANDS: Use the hand sanitizer available at entrances to buildings whenever entering indoor areas. Wash your hands with water and soap more frequently during the day. Use alcohol-based sanitizer wherever available.



All necessary information regarding arrival from abroad during the pandemic can be found on the official website

Mandatory home isolation upon arrival from abroad cannot be completed in the premises of CU Mlyny.

General information regarding travel can be found at this link:




  • avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands
  • avoid places with a higher concentration of people. If you are already in such places - restaurant, club, take extra care (wash your hands often, drink only from your own glass, etc.)
  • when you sneeze or cough, cover your mouth with disposable tissues, a cloth or clothing (don't just cover them with your hands, because you will subsequently touch many surfaces with them, or disinfect your hands afterwards)
  • avoid sharing personal items such as a pen, kitchen utensils or towels with other people
  • consider the need to travel (is it really necessary to take a full train or bus home every weekend?) - the more we limit contact with other people/communities, the lower the risk of contagion spreading in our dormitories - or in your family
  • you can find collection points for testing here
  • you can find the vaccination sites here

If you feel any of the symptoms of Covid-19 or another communicable disease, please stay at home and do not go to the dormitories.

Our goal is to keep the dorms open as long as possible, but we can only do this with your help.