Do you know everything that you have in your room?

Every room has an inventory list that precisely specifies the equipment that is or should be in the room. Missing items that are shown on the inventory list but are not in your room must be reported as soon as possible by e-mail to the facilities management and housekeeping department to our e-mail address

Transferring items from a room is prohibited without informing the facilities management and housekeeping department and obtaining their consent. This mainly applies to cases where residents buy a new bed, chair, desk or other furniture and want to move the existing furniture out of the room.

All deficiencies in the inventory of a room (furniture, bedding, curtains and the inventory list) can be reported to our e-mail address


For fire safety reasons, it is allowed to have only the following appliances in the accommodation section:

  • hair dryer
  • curling iron
  • shaver, microwave oven (without grill!)
  • kettle, iron
  • computer systems (computer, monitor, printer, scanner)
  • TV, video, DVD
  • Toaster
  • music system

All the electrical appliances with a power input greater than 100 W are prohibited, and all the others that are not defined as allowed.

Residents are liable for the operation of their appliances and any damage caused by their operation.