Guest's accommodation fee


There are no “visits” during the summer

Every client, including your guest, is considered a new client.

If you are paying for a whole room and it is not yet fully occupied, you can book your guest in advance and they can stay free of charge.

If you are paying only for a bed, we recommend that you book a reservation for your guest or that they check in at the accommodation department between 07:30 and 21:00, in which case they will be charged based on the summer price list.

If your guest is not registered in advance and you book them in via reception between 00:00 and 07:00 during the period from 01 July to 31 August, you will be charged € 10 per night regardless of whether you pay for a whole room during the summer or just a bed.


Visits during the academic year: 

· visit - student under 26 for € 2.50 per night. The visitor must present proof of student status at the accommodation department in the form of a valid ISIC or current proof of school attendance.

· visit - non-student or student over 26 for € 4.20 per night  (€ 2.50 + € 1.70 accommodation tax)

· foreign visitors must sign a report for the alien police and therefore must check in in person

· residents are responsible for the behaviour of their visitors

Registration of visitors at reception:

Residents must always receive an e-mail confirming the registration of a visitor. When a visitor leaves, they must always check out at reception. The resident will then receive an automatic e-mail notification of their visitor’s checking out.

If the resident does not receive an e-mail confirmation of check-out, the VISITOR HAS NOT BEEN CHECKED OUT and check-out must be confirmed. If not, the visitor will be charged for each night until check-out is confirmed.


A visitor consents to the processing of their personal data for accommodation purposes in accordance with Section 15(1) of Act No 122/2013 on personal data protection and amending certain acts.