CU Mlyny DormitoriesComenius University Bratislava

information for residents

We would like to remind residents that the security record system that checks entry transactions for the accommodation section of the AD blocks is selecting and over time blocking the cards of non-residents in the ONLY CATERING group. These persons are admitted to the accommodation section of the AD blocks only for the purposes of visiting the canteens and their entry/exit rights are limited to the opening hours of the canteens.

Non-residents who use such authorisation to enter the accommodation section of the AD blocks to visit residents must leave the blocks within the set time band. Otherwise, after 3 warnings for unofficial visits, your card will be blocked with final effect.

You need your ISIC card to enter the accommodation section because it is your key for passing the turnstiles. When using your ISIC card, please bear in mind that the system operates only on the basis of ENTRY and EXIT and is protected against misuse by “antipass” protection. The record system monitors various suspicious transactions, which are reviewed by the IT staff and forwarded to the security and public safety department for investigation of the offence. The most important changes affecting you are:

- you must keep your ISIC card with you at all times

- You must protect your ISIC card against misuse, loss, theft and damage

- To ensure accurate data records and prevent interference from other cards, do not “mix” your ISIC card with other cards in your wallet

- When passing through the turnstile, hold you card on the reader until the green light flashes to show you can proceed

- If there is an error or the card does not work, or some other problem prevents you from getting through the turnstile, DO NOT give your card to anyone else for registering/deregistering but contact the person on duty at the checkpoint.

- If you use the gym in the MI blocks as part of your study (faculties of medicine and education), you must enter the gym via the rear entrance. The route to the gym through the MI E-H accommodation section is blocked off, also for Mlyny residents. 

You must register visitors at the checkpoint of the building where your accommodation is located.

- When registering a visit, the visitor must present a valid ISIC card or a valid identity card.