Ľudovít Štúr Campus - MlynyComenius University Bratislava


Come and eat in our stylish Eat & Meet canteen, the former upper canteen in blocks ADC and ADD.


We serve food all day Monday to Friday including breakfast, with lunch and dinner only at weekends. Every day we prepare two kinds of fresh soup, at least 7 main courses and various side dishes that you can combine, including refreshing salads, desserts and much more. Our cooks also prepare a variety of toasted sandwiches to order throughout the day. Tea or soda is offered free of charge with meals or you can order soft drinks, coffee, tea or juice for payment.


If you have an ISIC student’s card, you are entitled to a subsidy on meals with prices starting from:

·        breakfast € 0.50

·        lunch and dinner € 0.70


If you would like to take a meal with you, you need only ask the cooks and they will pack it in a practical container.


We try to help persons with allergies or celiac disease by publishing the most accurate possible information on foods, but the university software does not allow us to include all the required information.  However, additional information is shown on the labels at the serving counter and on signs by the entrance to the canteen.


1+1 free on your birthday, if you present proof that it is your birthday when paying for your meal, we will be happy to pay for you and another person of your choice.


We offer regular chances to win interesting prizes, and regular customers can drop a completed receipt for every purchase into the tombola drum and increase their chances of winning.


We will be delighted if you come to visit us and taste our cooking. You can send us your comments and suggestions either by e-mail or via our Facebook page “Eat and Meet”.