Frequently asked questions

12. 03. 2020 18.59 hod.

When are the dormitories being closed?

All the buildings of VM Mlyny dormitory close on Friday, i.e. 13.03.2020 at 10:00. After this moment, Slovak students will not be able to enter. 

What do we expect from foreign students?

In the upcoming days you will receive a questionnaire on your university email. We request from you to fill it out if you have been abroad (anywhere outside Slovakia) in the last 30 days. We recommend everyone to avoid traveling, mass events, shopping centers and to take precautions to prevent spreading of the new coronavirus. We will inform you about any changes by email, so check your email address regularly, as well as our website and the facebook page. 

Does this mean that foreign students staying at the dormitory cannot leave the campus?

The movement of foreign students will not be limited yet; it is possible to leave the dormitory. At each entrance they will be required to present an ISIC card and a valid ID card or a passport. Students are asked to present ISIC and ID cards by placing them on the glass of the security desk, thus limiting personal contact and the possibility of spreading the coronavirus. We recommend everyone not to gather in groups, not to travel by public transportation, avoid mass events, shopping centers and keep hygienic precautions seriously. The Government of the Slovak republic has decided to close all the airports and borders are thoroughly examined. Those of you who do not have a Slovak passport or a residence permit will most likely not be allowed to enter the country, so please re-consider your plans before leaving. If quarantine measures are imposed by state authorities, everyone, including foreign students, will have to respect them.

A part of the dormitory residents are also non-students  (PhD students, employees). What instructions apply to them? 

Employees, as well as students, are advised to leave the dorms. If they nonetheless remain at the campus, they will do so on their own responsibility knowing, that if quarantine measures are imposed they have to follow them.

Slovak PhD students may individually contact the director of the dormitory and request to be exceptionally let inside the dormitory.

Can I stop in the room for some things at the time when the dormitories for Slovak students are closed?

 It will not be possible for Slovak residents to enter any of the dormitory buildings or to come for things from 13.3.2020 after 10:00 am.

On the basis of which criteria does the director decide to grant an exemption for Slovak students to stay at the campus?

The director examines each request individually, so we ask all the students to really consider whether their request is relevant and justified. The director allows orphans, cancer patients, relatives of cancer patients or in case of any other extremely serious life situation worthy of special consideration to stay. If you meet any of these criteria, contact the director at

Until when will the dorms be closed?

At the moment, it is really difficult to predict how the situation evolves and how long will it take to follow necessary crisis measures. As soon as we have any more information, we will keep all the students and staff updated.

Will you return the rent to the students? Is it necessary to pay the rent for the next period on time? 

As far as the payment of the rent is concerned, we believe that if you have planned to send payments for the entire duration of your stay on time, the extraordinary measures we take to protect the health of you, us, your loved ones will not disrupt them. Management of the University, the dormitoy and many other workplaces have been on their feet for many long days, we are constantly evaluating the situation, making decisions, many of which have never occured here before. We know that money are important and we are not trying to understate this issue but given the circumstances, we ask you to give us time to resolve your security while we are dealing with other pragmatic questions.