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Introduction of a city tax

23. 06. 2023 09.45 hod.

The City of Bratislava has unexpectedly introduced taxes for non-students (including those who have completed their bachelor's degree and are pursuing a master's degree, or have completed a master's degree and are pursuing a doctoral degree), employees and students over the age of 26. General binding regulation of the capital city 4/2023 introduces an accommodation tax of €3/night (everywhere except the Old Town, where the tax will be €3.5/night), but not more than for 60 overnight stays in a calendar year. The regulation is effective from 1 July 2023. It applies to the following categories of residents:

  • students over 26 years of age (almost all PhD students);
  • persons who are not currently full-time students (graduates, interrupted students, bachelor's graduates who have not yet enrolled in a master's degree programme, or master's graduates who have not yet enrolled in a doctoral programme);
  • employees of CU;
  • guests and visitors, unless they are students under 26, under 18 or over 70, or have a disability card;
  • non-students over the age of 18.

The above guests will see an increase in the price of summer accommodation during July and August of approximately €90/month, depending on the length of stay. We have approached city officials to request an exemption for college dormitories or groups of residents and are awaiting a response. We are concerned that the new city tax will financially threaten students and others from university backgrounds who are already barely bearing the high cost of living in the capital at a time of record inflation.

For the time being, however, we must abide by the General Binding Ordinance in force from 1 July 2023. We would therefore like to call on you to pay as follows:

  • All residents affected by the regulation who will be staying in CU Mlyny during the summer are obliged to pay the accommodation tax for July 2023 in the amount of € 3 / night, so that the payment is credited to Mlyny dormitory´s account no later than 30.06.2023. The accommodation tax for August in the amount of € 3 / night must be credited to Mlyny dormitory´s account by 31.07.2023. The amount is sent to the same account and with the same variable symbol as the rent payment.
  • Residents who are affected by the regulation and do not stay in summer accommodation will pay the accommodation tax in accordance with the instructions for check in in the academic year 2023/2024.

We regret the increase of which we are informing you, but we have no choice but to comply. We therefore ask that you adhere to the payment guidelines.

CU Mlyny