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Check-out procedure

17. 05. 2021 10.13 hod.

In this manner we would like to inform you that the accommodation facility will not provide re-accommodation until the end of the contract period (ie until June 30, 2021) for those students, who have signed the Amendment to the Contract and their courses and exams will take place remotely/online.


Based on the above mentioned, all the students who have signed the Amendment to the Contract and have no belongings in the room can be checked-out from today. 

Check-out procedure:

Check-out will take place remotely, so it is necessary for the student to send the room key (alternatively together with all the other borrowed items such as Salto white card, bicycle storage key, etc.) by courier with personal delivery to the address of Ľudovít Štúr Campus — Mlyny, contact person Mrs. Mária Chmelová tel. no.: 0918 110 128. We do not accept registered letters. Subequently, the accommodation department based on the delivered key checks-out the student from the system and sends them a 100€ deposit by bank transfer. Any damages or other indebtedness of the student will be charged from the student's deposit.

Students who are registered at the MI A-D blocks ("Manželáky") can be checked-out in the same way until June 30, 2021, without obligation to pay for accommodation for the months of July and August.

In case a student does not check-out until June 30, 2021, the current Accommodation Contract is still valid and the student will be obliged to pay the full price for accommodation for July and August

according to the valid price list, even if due to the epidemic situation return of students will not be allowed in July and August.

Please, if you do not have any things in your room, do not postpone your check-out until the very last moment. Thanks to your earlier check-outs, we can organize the final mass check-outs much better.

At the same time, we would like to inform you that we will not provide summer accommodation in July and August. The exception to check-in applies only to those students (including UK doctoral students) who will have an internship or other compulsory school activities in the summer. We will provide you with more information about summer accommodation later on.

Thank you for your cooperation