Comenius University in Bratislava decided to suspend on site learning

Based on recommendation from the Crisis Staff of the CU and due to rapid worsening of the epidemiologic situation Rector of Comenius University in Bratislava Marek Števček decided to suspend on site learning.

28. 09. 2020 16.19 hod.
By: CU Public Relations Office

This decision will probably be valid throughout the whole Winter Semester. Exceptions may apply to practical lessons or laboratory exercises. Students will be instructed by their teachers or faculty. Unless these exceptions apply, foreign students who came to our university only for the Winter Semester may consider planning their journey home, leave the dormitories, and continue their studies from home.

Students living in the dormitories can plan their voluntary departure. Students can sign an amendment to the accommodation contract until 5 October. This would allow them to keep their room. The room does not have to be emptied, the students can take only things necessary for everyday life and studies, other equipment can be left in the room. Rector of the CU will give a 100% discount from the accommodation fee for November and December to the students who will sign the amendment. Consequently, the students will not pay for the 2 months while the dormitory will keep their rooms reserved.

We would like to thank all accommodated students who, by their responsible approach, help us keep the dormitories opened as long as possible. Due to the development of the situation in the past days and experience from the dormitories of Jessenius Faculty of Medicine in Martin, we are expecting a rapid worsening of the situation at dormitories in Bratislava as well.  Should the current trends continue, we would either have to close the dormitories completely and send all students home, or in the case of uncontrolled spread of the virus at the dormitories, the Regional Health Authority would quarantine the buildings.