How to pay for visitor

Residents are permitted to have visitor provided that the visitors(s) will be signed-in trough the security desk or through the accommodation office as soon as possible upon the arrival of the visitor(s). If you know your visitor´s arrival is after opening hours of accommodation office, you can sign him/her in advance.

Once your visitor is signed in through the security desk you are obligated to sign out your visitor through the security desk. If you do so correctly you will receive an information e-mail about it.

The visitor(s) can enter/exit the building only in a present of the resident. 

The visitor can have his/her own entrance card for the refundable deposit 5 €. In this case the visitor can move in or out the building whenever he/her needs.


2,50 € - for student / night


4,20 € - for non-student / night (non-students and students over 26 pay city tax in amount 1,70 €)