Mlyny Halls of Residence


Our guests can enjoy various opportunities how to spend their free time. There are three gymnasiums and two weightlifting gyms for sports oriented people. Gymnasiums at Manželské internáty or so called Manželáky are usable for team hall games and at Átriové domky you can enjoy martial arts facility. Spacious gym at unit “K” is specifically suited to people with fitness or weightlifting passion and newly built gym at Výškové bloky – Štúrak is available to ladies only.

During night time, our guests can enjoy various bars, pubs and discos, which are located either directly on the campus or surrounding areas. The UPC centre (Univerzitné pastoračné centrum) offers various cultural and sports activities, which are available to religious and non-religious people. There are also other services, such copying and printing, paper shop, hair styling and tanning studio, Laundromat and Wi-Fi internet.