CU Mlyny DormitoriesComenius University Bratislava


Rooms for mobility students

Štúrak building

Štúrak building
Štúrak building
Entrance to the main building (Štúrak)
Unrenovated double room (8th floor and above)
Renovated triple room (1st-7th floor)
Renovated triple room (1st-7th floor)
Renovated bathroom

Atrium houses

AD Buildings
ADR Building
Unrenovated triple room
Unrenovated single room
Partially renovated triple room (blocks A, B, H, K)
Partially renovated single room (blocks A, B, H, K)
Renovated double room (blocks C, E, M)
Renovated single room (blocks C, E, M)
Bathroom (blocks C, E, M)
Kitchen (blocks C, E, M)
Kitchen (other blocks)

Manželáky building

MI Buildings
Block A-D single room
Block A-D double room
Kitchen A-D
Block E-H double room
Kitchen E-H
Chill-out zone

Surroundings of the dormitories

Welcome sign
Bench next to the lower gate ADR
Atrium at MI
Study room at VB

Sports facilities

Workout area in front of VB
Volleyball court in front of VB
Basketball court above MI
LF gym at MI
PdF gym at MI

Eat&Meet canteen