CU Mlyny DormitoriesComenius University Bratislava


We are obliged to take measures to ensure hygiene in our facilities, not only in the grounds and common areas but also in the rooms where you live. Our aim is to keep these areas in a condition that provides decent living conditions and does not endanger residents’ health. We want to assure you that we are doing everything we can to get closer to that goal. In this section we set out our views and plans so that you can better understand the measures that we implement. Without your assistance the best intentions and plans will be empty words.

Most common shortcomings (what to look out for):

  • dirty floor (dust balls, spilt drinks, dirty footprints, etc.)
  • rubbish not taken out (stinking and rotting waste in large quantities, plastic bottles, etc.)
  • food waste left on tables
  • dirty refrigerator (outside and inside, old food, etc.)
  • excessive frost in the freezer
  • dirty washbasin (limescale, mould, etc.)
  • dirty sanitary facilities (applicable to VB, MI – limescale, traces of urine on the floor, mould)
  • dirty balcony (collected rubbish, bird droppings)

Recommendations for cleaning by residents:

  • sweep the floor approximately every two days, wash at least once a week
  • collect waste in small bags (not sacks) and take it out to the skips at least every second day and before the weekend. Rubbish must not be placed in front of room (cell) doors on a shared corridor
  • defrost the freezer at least once a month and wash it together with the refrigerator
  • wash the bathroom (wash basin) at least once a week

If you do not know what detergent to use, ask us and we will be happy to advise you.

What to do if:

  • cleaning is not working in the room (cell), i.e., only one person cleans, and others do not take part

It is important to report the situation in your room (cell) to our department before hygiene inspectors visit your room and find shortcomings. If you do not report the problem and hygiene inspectors find shortcomings, you will be judged and, if necessary, penalised, the same as the people that you accuse.

  • you suspect the presence of insect pests (cockroaches, bugs etc.)

Contact the facilities management and department of operational activities. Your suspicions will be checked by an inspection of your room and you will be informed of the results.

  • your room is cold.

Contact the housekeeping department or maintenance We will conduct measurements in the room and if we detect insufficient heating, we will supply an additional heat source. In no case are you permitted to install your own heaters!!!

Stray animals and pigeons

Feeding stray animals on the Mlyny campus, especially cats and pigeons, will encourage their reproduction and have a negative effect on the cleanliness and culture of your environment. You are therefore requested not to feed cats and pigeons on campus.

Cleaning your room

Before calling the telephone number for a room check, the room (in the case of a cell also the balcony, corridor and bathroom) must be prepared as follows:


- take out rubbish, wash the floor including the floor behind the bed and under the refrigerator

- clear and dust the cupboard, table, shelf and blanket chest

- refrigerator: unplug, defrost, wash, dry and leave switched on

- quilts and pillows must be on beds (on every empty bed, even after roommates have left)

- curtains must be hung up except in rooms that will be painted. Curtains must be taken down, folded up and placed on the table. The list of rooms that will be painted can be found in the section “Inadmissible rooms”

 If you live in one of the AD blocks, your balcony door must be padlocked.

If you live in a VB block, your balcony must be clean (no pigeon droppings or rubbish)*, and the corridor and sanitary facilities (toilet, washbasin and shower) must be free of dirt.

If you live in an MI block, you must clean dirt from the corridor and the sanitary facilities (toilet, washbasin and shower). You must also make sure that the kitchenette is clean. If you live in block E or F, you must also clean the balcony of pigeon droppings and rubbish*.

*Supplies for cleaning balconies can be obtained from room 16 in the basement of block VBB and from the inventory clerk on the ground floor of block MI E.