CU Mlyny DormitoriesComenius University Bratislava


 A student who applied for accommodation for the academic year 2023/2024, was allocated accommodation and is leaving for Erasmus+ is obliged to:


  • deliver to the accommodation department a document on acceptance to the exchange program either in person or by e-mail.
  • the period of study abroad must be indicated on the confirmation. During the same period, an Accommodation Agreement will be concluded with a substitute (see below, section "Substitute"), along with the delivered confirmation, a substitute must also be reported.
  • a student who goes on an exchange stay must already have paid 1 month + €100 deposit during September.
  • the departing student is obliged to sign the electronic contract before his departure, otherwise he is not entitled to accommodation at the time of arrival.
  • In the event that the substitute does not show up at all, even during September, we will contact the departing student, and the student will have to pay extra for the accommodation for the period during which he will be on the exchange stay or his accommodation will be canceled completely.




  • only a full-time student must be a substitute.
  • if the substitute is not reported by the departing student in person, he must report by e-mail.
  • the substitute for accommodation will pay the price for accommodation for the month of September + €100 deposit.
  • the substitute is obliged to pay the price for accommodation during the entire period in which he replaces the departing student.
  • the accommodation department issues an accommodation contract to the substitute. during accommodation.
  • the substitute must stay in the month of September, otherwise September will be charged to the student who is going on an exchange stay.