Mlyny Halls of Residence

Incoming ERASMUS +

Dear applicants,
We are sorry to inform you that due to the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic in Slovakia, Comenius University in Bratislava has decided that student dormitories will not be accepting new students for Summer term 2020/2021. If you decide to come to Bratislava to study at the Comenius University, the VM Mlyny dormitory will not offer you accommodation. Students, who continue their Erasmus+ studies from the Winter term and have a valid accommodation contract may continue to reside in the dormitory until the end of the academic year.



If you are Erasmus+ student or a Study Abroad Programme student coming to Comenius University for a full academic year or one semester, you are guaranteed a bedroom in University accommodation if you apply no later than 14 January 2021.

Students of the Faculty of: Management, Arts, Pharmacy, Physical Education and Sports, Mathematics, Physics and Informatics, Education or Social and Economic Sciences have to apply for the VM Ľ. Stúr – Mlyny Campus housing application.

Students of the Faculty of: Medicine, Law and Natural sciences have their accommodation located at Družba campus.

Students of the Jessenius Faculty of Medicine in Martin please find all information here:

Your online application can be submitted before or after your learning agreement has been received, but we strongly advise you to apply as soon as possible and meet the deadlines for paying the deposit.

Comenius University can only guarantee accommodation for its students and therefore priority is given to students of Comenius University, but we will also consider applications from all other students of the Slovak Universities. For more information please contact:

Applicants who are holding an offer for accommodation at VM Mlyny Campus are required to pay
100 € deposit
to secure their place. All other information find here.


If you miss the deadlines your application cannot be considered.


1.       Fill out the Housing application form properly and meet all deadlines

2.       Wait for the confirmation e-mail

3.       Pay refundable deposit

4.       Read all documents (Dormitory rules and regulation, Accommodation contract sample)

5.       Wait for the e-mail about allocation of housing



winter semester 14.8.2020

summer semester 14.1.2021



Accommodation (overview)

Erasmus students will be allocated to the rooms that are located in the building called Šturák. It is a main building with administration offices on the first floor. The rooms layout is in the individual housing units. Each unit contains of 4 rooms: 2x twin rooms and 2x triple rooms. Each room has a balcony. Toilet and shower is common area in each unit. Units are equipped with two refrigerators and internet. Kitchenette is shared for entire hallway out of units.  The laundrettes are situated in several buildings. See the map



If the applicant decides to cancel the reservation before the arrival in any reason, he/she is obliged to inform us about it not later than on 31st August if applied for winter semester and no later than 31st January if applied for summer semester.

In case the applicant does not meet deadlines mentioned above the deposit 100 € will be used to cover the costs.