Mlyny Halls of Residence


Advice for tenants

In this section we'd like to give you a bit of advice on how to make life at Mlyny comfortable not only for you, but for your fellow tenants as well.

If you need any advice that can't be found here, ask. We'll be glad to answer!

Most common problems and how to prevent them

Clogged toilets are often caused by trying to flush ladies' toiletry, frozen food, leftovers of food (bones etc.), clothing, packaging materials (both plastic and paper).
How to prevent: DO NOT flush anything except excrements.

Clogged sinks are caused by cooking fats (like cooking oil) poured into the sink, hair, food leftovers like rice, potatoes, chunks of meat etc.
How to prevent: use a sink strainer.

Clogged showers are caused by hair in the outflow.
How to prevent: After showering, take your hair out and throw it into the litter-bin.

Power shortages in the room are commonly caused by power overload - for instance by using several computers together with the electric kettle or microwave, or by using prohibited appliances.

We hope that you add to the satisfaction of everyone on Mlyny by preventing the abovementioned issues.