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Ecologically friendly waste disposal

Unneeded electrical waste (white and brown goods) should be placed next to the rubbish bins, from which it will be collected and stored for ecologically friendly disposal by a specialised firm. Never throw electrical waste into the rubbish bins.

Separate metals and electrical appliances.

Please use the dark green bins for separating metal waste.

These bins can be used for the following types of metal waste: beverage cans, metal food containers (tins), bottle and drink caps, and aluminium foil from food packaging.

The bins can also be used for metal sheets and items that are routinely classified as “scrap”. The bins can be found at the usual waste collection points on campus.

Many of you understand the importance of separating waste and want to get involved in recycling so that raw materials can be reused in production. We often forget that not everything that we use in everyday life can be separated and put in the bins designated for this purpose.

The Mlyny campus is working with companies with experience in the ecologically friendly disposal of unneeded electrical appliances which cannot be disposed of with everyday waste. All of your old and unneeded electrical appliances can be brought directly to the storage facility for discarded electrical appliances in the basement (floor 1PP) of block VBB next to the bed linen storeroom. Please contact udrzba(at) for information on transporting larger appliances.

Thank you.

Ecologically friendly battery disposal

Please dispose of your dead batteries (single-use and rechargeable cylindrical batteries, button batteries, mobile phone and notebook batteries or lead-acid batteries) via the collection bins located at the reception desks of the VB and MI blocks. 

The metal in these batteries, such as nickel (Ni), cadmium (Cd), lead (Pb) and lithium (Li), can cause severe environmental problems if thrown away with everyday household waste.