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Ľudovít Štúr Campus - Mlyny

 The Ľudovít Štúr Campus (LSC - M CU) belongs to Comenius University, the oldest, largest and most prestigious university in Slovakia. It is part of the “university village” in Mlynská Dolina in the Slavičie Údolie district of Bratislava (under the administration of Bratislava 4 – Karlova Ves). This a quiet neighbourhood near the forested slopes of the Little Carpathian Mountains and away from the city’s noisy transport routes, but it is still within easy reach of the centre of Bratislava (5 minutes by car and 10 by public transport).

Internát Ľ. Štúra (“Výškové bloky”, “Štúrak”) – VB

 Accommodation in the “high-rise blocks” is based on a system of ten-bedded cells, each with two two-bedded rooms and two three-bedded rooms which share sanitary facilities within the cell.

Átriové domky – AD

The “atrium houses” have individual rooms with one, two or three beds. Each room has a washbasin but shares other sanitary facilities with the rest of the floor.

Manželské internáty – MI

The “married couples’ dormitories” are based on two types of cells: a six-bedded cell made up of three two-bedded rooms, or a five-bedded cell made of one one-bedded room and two two-bedded rooms. Sanitary facilities are shared within the cell.