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How to wash your laundry:

  1. Separate white-colored clothes from dark ones. Read the care label on clothing, which indicate how a particular item should best be cleaned.

  2. Add your laundry. Make sure, each piece of your laundry is separated from another and they are not tangled together. If you wash bedding covers, or pillow cases, button them up, so other pieces of laundry will not slip into them. Tangled laundry tend to create one big ball, which can not be centrifuged well. Laundry which is not centrifuged well, will not be dried well.

  3. Do not overfill the washing machine. Make sure the laundry comes maximum 12 cm under the upper rim of the washing machine. If you overfill the washing machine, your laundry can not be washed, rinsed and centrifuged properly. 

  4. Do not use color catcher sheets. They block the washing machine and pipes and your laundry will not be rinsed and centrifuged properly.

  5. Do not wash bras with bones.  They can detach from the bra and block the pump.  The washing cycle is than terminated with an error message and the laundry will not be centrifuged.

  6. Close the door properly.

  7. Pour the detergent into the drawer. If you use gel capsules, put them in the washing machine at the back of the drum (do not put capsules into the drawer).

  8. Tap your payment card on terminal, or insert the payment card into the terminal from below.

  9. Select washing cycle.

  10. Push the START button on the washing machine (required on some types of washing machines).

Whites50 - 60 °C hot
Colors30 - 40 °Cwarm
Bright20 - 25 °Ccold
Permanent press30 - 40 °Cwarm
Wool20 - 25 °Ccold
Delicates30 - 40 °Cwarm


How to use a dryer:  

  1. Clean the filter of the dryer. (After opening the door, pull out the door filter from the lower edge of the opening and remove all cotton by hand).

  2. Load only laundry that is well centrifuged.  If the washing machine did not centrifuged your laundry well (the washing machine was overfilled, or your laundry tangled  and the drum was not balanced well) the dryer will not dry such laundry properly.

  3. Close the door.

  4. Tap your payment card on terminal, or insert the payment card into the terminal from below.

  5. Select cycle. Whites and colors/ Permanent press/ Delicates

  6. Push the button START.  (Only with several types of dryers.)